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The Cleveland Clinic required a renovation and expansion of the main campus Radiology Department.


This project included approximately 101,000 square feet of space and would require multiple phases in order to avoid impacting patient care and take almost 10 years to complete.


The Cleveland Clinic developed a unique variation of the Integrated Project Delivery Method called Owner Controlled Team Project Delivery (OCTPD).  The OCTPD Method was utilized for Phases 4 & 5 of this project.This method required the design team to work with the contractor throughout the design and construction process. This delivery method encouraged collaboration, resulting in reduced RFI and change orders netting a financial savings and expedited schedule.


FF&H Engineers Inc. designed all of the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems for all five phases starting in 2008. Each phase was unique in that The Cleveland Clinic implemented cutting edge medical equipment technologies which required state of the art infrastructure design concepts to operate reliably and efficiently.


Phase 1: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Suite consisted of the renovation of 28,000 square feet of existing space located in the lower level below grade. The suite was designed for a total of 8 MRI units, a Positron Emission Tomography – MRI (PET-MRI) and an Intraoperative MRI (IMRI). The IMRI is a combined MRI and Operating Room which allows MR scans during procedures to avoid a follow up procedure. The location below grade created a formidable challenge for the required quench vents. This challenge was resolved through creative coordination with the team utilizing the existing building elements and careful analysis of the quench vent design. Each MRI was paired with a dedicated chilled water system to isolate issues and outages.


Phase 2: Computed Tomography (CT) Suite consisted of the renovation of 18,000 square feet of existing space. This phase included 6 CT procedure rooms along with the support space for these rooms. This phase included an innovative design of high pressure gas system used for tumor freezing procedures. This high pressure gas system is one of the first large systems of its kind installed in the United States. This innovative design was featured in Plumbing Standards Magazine.


Phase 3: Interventional Radiology / Angiography (IR Angio) Suite included renovation of 26,000 square feet of space spanning two buildings. This suite includes 8 IR Angio procedure rooms that were designed to operating room standards with the latest imaging technology. The cutting edge equipment produces more heat than the original space was designed for. FF&H was abe to overcome this heat load by designing a custom air handling unit and a process chilled water system to the address the equipment heat. The process chilled water system utilized free cooling during the heating seasons. This project also included coordination and testing of fire alarm systems for three air handling units and two building systems.


Phase 4: Patient Procedure Preparation and Recovery area consisted of the renovation of 18,765 square feet area that was vacated during Phases 2 and 3. This Preparation and Recovery area is used for both inpatient and outpatient cases throughout the Imaging Department. This area was previously served by a 100% Outside Air Handling Unit (AHU). This AHU was converted to a more efficient Supply-Return Air AHU with a payback of less than six months. Along with the energy savings this change returned some capacity to the Main Campus chilled water and steam systems.


Phase 5: Fluoroscopy Procedure and X-Ray area involved the renovation of 12,918 square feet of existing area. This area contains six fluoroscopy procedure rooms, multiple x-ray rooms, expansion of the pediatric imaging suite and a waiting room. Phase 5 will complete the renovation of this World Class Imaging Department that is used to serve and support every department on Main Campus.




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