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Firm History

The firm of Fredrick, Fredrick & Heller Engineers, Inc. was established in 1934 under the name of Paul C. Mehnert and Associates to provide electrical design and consulting services.


The partnership "Mehnert and Reid" was formed in 1956, and in 1973, the name "Mehnert and Fredrick" was adopted when the late Vince S. Fredrick joined the firm's ownership.


William V. Fredrick became an owner in 1981 and the firm was renamed as "Fredrick and Fredrick Engineers, Inc."


In 1990, William T. Heller joined the firm to develop a mechanical department to compliment the electrical engineering services. On August 1, 1991 the name was changed to "Fredrick, Fredrick & Heller Engineers, Inc." to better reflect the ability to provide quality mechanical and electrical engineering services.


Mr. Heller and Mr. Fredrick retired from firm ownership in 2006 and 2007, respectively. Today FF&H maintains these founders' names to honor their legacy and to provide a reminder to strive for the highest expectations they helped to establish.



The FF&H Design Approach
The engineers and professionals at Fredrick, Fredrick & Heller Engineers, Inc. apply their experience in the design of mechanical and electrical systems for medical, office and educational environments.


The FF&H team has a broad knowledge of the needs for reliable and clean power, data distribution, HVAC, plumbing, steam and specialized water distribution. FF&H is also highly experienced in communications systems required by “State of the Art” office standards. The FF&H team approaches such client needs with the utmost professionalism and candor, and brings with them an unmatched breadth of experience in solving complex circumstances.


Members of the FF&H team analyze energy considerations and apply energy conservation measures in both mechanical and electrical systems without sacrificing reliability or comfort of the facility. In addition, FF&H applies a sensitivity for the needs of the people who will utilize the space.


FF&H commits to design systems which will endure throughout the life of the facility and which can be easily maintained in the future.




Corporate History

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